Q1 2020 Coyote Curve Market Forecast

The Market Is Getting Tighter (Whether or Not It Feels Like It)

New to the Coyote Curve?

Q4 2019 Recap: Spot & Contract Rate Trends

Q4 2019 Recap: Supply & Demand Trends

Current State of the U.S. Truckload Market

  • Spot rates: currently deflationary, but trending upwards
  • Contract rates: currently deflationary, trending downwards
  • Supply (fuel): currently deflationary, essentially flat
  • Demand (truckload volume): inflationary, trending downwards

2020 Top U.S. Truckload Market Trends

Q1 2020 Truckload Market Forecast

Recession or Not, the Market Is Likely Heading Towards Inflation

Preparing for an Inflationary Market



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